Top 7 Most Important Tips for Booking Budget Gorilla Trekking Tours

Don’t let the expensive Gorilla safari Cost hold you back! Here are cheap gorilla tours and Tips on how to book Budget Gorilla Trekking Tours.

Budget Gorilla TrekkingThe opportunity of meeting face to face with the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is an adventure that few travelers get to experience but unlike the notion out there, undertaking a gorilla tour doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, as it is possible to undertake these tours on a budget.

It is a myth that gorilla trekking is extremely costly, although can unquestionably be. However, there are a number of ways you can ensure that your gorilla tour isn’t very costly.

The main reason for undertaking a gorilla tour is to enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting face to face with one of our closest relatives on the animal Kingdom and any other thing is simply an icing on the cake.

For this reason, if you are prepared to compromise your overall gorilla trekking experience to pay attention to the gorilla trekking aspect, your tour is likely to cost so less but at the expense of your comfort at some point.

Nonetheless, flexibility and willingness to compromise is required to achieve your dream of meeting the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat while traveling on a budget. It can be on the country you will opt for, the time you undertake the gorilla tour, the location and category of accommodation (whether its budget or mid-range instead of luxury).

Therefore, the following are the important tips for booking a Budget Gorilla Trekking Tour;

  1. Choose the gorilla trekking destination wisely

One of the tips for booking a Budget Gorilla Trekking Tour is finding a more affordable gorilla trekking destination. Rwanda is a more costly destination, with its gorilla permits being $800 more expensive than Uganda’s gorilla permits that go for $700 per person.

It’s not as if the mountain gorillas are different. Rwanda also tends to offer more exorbitant luxurious Safari Lodges hence making it the less budget gorilla trekking option.

However, by choosing Uganda means you will should be prepared to drive over 8-9 hours from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks against Rwanda’s two and a half hours’ drive.

The beauty about Uganda is that it has lots and lots of jaw-dropping sceneries to enjoy along the way hence 8 hours will seem like 3 or 4 hours.

  1. Opt for a self-drive gorilla tour where possible

If you already have your own car, why would you hire a car and driver yet you can actually save these costs. Besides being cheaper, there is great flexibility while on a self-drive, considering the fact that you can choose to spend less/more time in  particular place (for instance during en-route stops), make stopover to take a picture of something you’ve liked without being pressurized by the driver.

Even when you don’t have your own car and rent, you can still opt for the self-drive and save money hence making the gorilla tour cheaper.

  1. Book your gorilla tour directly through a local tour operator

Booking a gorilla tour directly through a local tour operator is cheaper compared to booking with a foreign travel agent who is interested in getting commission out of the trip, yet you would have bargained if booked directly with the ground handlers.

  1. Travel during the low season

While prices of gorilla permits remain constant (don’t change) whether in low or peak seasons, rates for the accommodation facilities are relatively lower during the low seasons.

Uganda and Rwanda’s dry seasons are between June and September as well as December and February, which ate peaks and should be avoided if you hope to get lower rates.

For this reason, you can trek the mountain gorillas from March to May and October to November if you hope for discounted rates. However, expect rainfall at any time of the day hence a rain jacket should always be a must-have, slippery and muddy trails thus sturdy hiking boots are a must.

The good news however is that you should expect fewer crowds and seclusion.

  1. Opt for the budget but descent accommodation facilities

Budget lodges in BwindiThere are a number of budget but clean and comfortable accommodation facilities that you can book in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, as a way of saving some money from lodging.

For instance, Ride 4 a woman in Buhoma and Bakiga Lodge in Ruhija are some of the many Lodges known for offering affordable yet descent accommodation for the budget gorilla trekkers.

  1. Book the Gorilla tour in advance

Making gorilla tour bookings is time and cost saving. For instance, when you book a flight 6 months in advance, it is easier to enjoy lower rates and last-minute accommodation in the National Parks.

With this, it is possible to take advantage of seasonal offers provided by tour operators and Safari Lodges.

  1. Book with Hail Tours Uganda

It is obvious, an experienced safari company, Hail Tours will implement these cost saving strategies on your Budget Gorilla Trekking safari better than anyone else. So, Book with us and travel while spending.


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