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How Much Does a Uganda Safari Cost?

How Much Does a Uganda Safari Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions at Hail Tours Uganda is “how much does a Uganda safari cost? The overall amount you will pay for the trip is determined by a number of factors that include the Uganda safari activities chosen, the accommodation category, transport means chosen and sometimes the time of the year (season).

Ticking off activities/experiences on your bucket list is thrilling or something that everyone looks forward to and sometimes it is challenging to achieve without withdrawing a huge sum of money out of your savings.

Many potential travelers assume that Uganda safaris need having big budgets or even bank account. The Once in a lifetime experiences in the Pearl of Africa are surprisingly available for almost everyone interested in the adventures and worth spending every single coin for.

If you ever wondered how much a Uganda safari costs, then allow Hail Tours Uganda to estimate the cost;

Factors that determine Uganda safari Cost:

The number of people going on the Uganda safari

Gorilla Trekking BriefingAt Hail Tours Uganda, we provide the costs of Uganda safaris as per person but it shouldn’t confuse you as the numbers are based on two people sharing a room.

If you decide to travel solo, you will have to cater for prices individually and if you are in a group or part of a family safari, you will most likely pay the single supplement cost.

We totally understand that Group safaris might not be suited for all visitors and therefor if you are traveling solo, it is advisable to find an accommodation facility that is outside the National Parks instead of inside because they tend to be more costly.

Means of transportation (how you wish to get around during the Uganda safari)

Would you like to use a domestic flight to the National Parks, a private transfer, or a shared transfer? Whatever option you go with, Hail Tours Uganda will make it possible and we shall give you the merits and demerits of whatever option you go with.

Someone that opts for a bush flight from Entebbe International Airport/Kajjansi Airstrip to the Airstrips surrounding National Parks is likely to pay more money compared to someone that goes with a road transfer.

Traveling solo also means the entire cost of the safari is catered for alone but with a group trip, the cost will be shared since the vehicle price is shared.

The tourist activities/experiences you wish to undertake

Would you like to undertake gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, wildlife tour, birding or simply photography? Your Uganda safari is likely to cost less when you choose to focus on wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Lake Mburo or Kidepo Valley National Park whereby you will be required to pay only park entry fees in addition to accommodation and transportation.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Park entry fees for Murchison falls National Park is $45 per person while for the other Savannah National Parks is $40 per person. The niche-focused tourist activities are most likely to increase cost of your Uganda safari hence need to cater for the additional costs like permits and sometimes equipment.

For instance, if you opt for mountain gorilla trekking, then be prepared to purchase gorilla permits at $700 per person per trek for the foreign non-residents, $600 per person per trek for the foreign residents and Shs. 250,000 for the East Africans. This when added to the transport and accommodation costs will most likely increase the cost of the trip.

The category of accommodation you are booking

The category of accommodation-budget, midrange or luxury will affect the overall cost of the safari.

Most Budget Lodges charge between $30 and $100 per person for two persons sharing, while the midrange Lodges range between $150 and $200 per person for two persons sharing and the luxury accommodation facilities charge from $300 to as high as $1000 per person or more.

The luxury ones are more comfortable, have spacious rooms and other in-room amenities among others.

When you wish to undertake the Uganda safari

Another important factor in determining how much your Uganda safari costs is the time of the year you wish to undertake the trip. If you travel during the low season instead of peak season, you are likely to spend slightly less.

It will interest you that most Safari Lodges have low season rates (discounted), which are sometimes even cut by 30%. In so doing, you will pay less.

However, the low season (March, April, October and November) is also the rainy season which comes with a number of challenges that include more difficulty in tracking the mountain gorillas, considering that rains are heavier and hiking trails are muddy or slippery.

When you decide to go game driving, you will take longer to sight wildlife that are most likely hidden among taller vegetation and scattered across the landscape.


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