5 Best Safari Parks in Kenya

Top 5 Best Safari Parks in Kenya you should Visit – Hail Tours Kenya

The 5 best safari parks in Kenya to explore: Which are the best safari parks in Kenya? When you think of a safari, there is endless list of places to go to but there is something unique that makes Kenya a special African safari destination.

Best Safari Parks in KenyaKenya is naturally endowed and offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife and nature enthusiasts to meet their dreams.

Kenya is celebrated as a home to African safaris and indeed it is for a good reason.

There are several pristine national parks and reserves (about 40 of them) to visit to explore on Kenya safari, each with abundant wildlife, birds etc.

If it is the big five, wildebeest migration experience, birding, cultural encounter that you are looking for, no better place to travel to than Kenya. For unforgettable wilderness experiences, here are the 5 best safari parks in Kenya.

Best Safari Parks in Kenya

Nairobi National Park

Most popular as the world’s wildlife capital, Nairobi National Park is without doubt one of the 5 best safari parks in Kenya. Located just 7-10kms from Nairobi city, Nairobi National Park is amazingly one of the world’s most accessible parks from city centre and boasts of its unique attraction.

Nairobi National ParkFor tourists with limited time and they want to be part of mesmerizing African safari experiences in Kenya, there is no better place to consider a must-visit than Nairobi National Park. This park was created in 1946 and it is a stronghold to 4 of the big five game (buffaloes, leopards, lions, rhinos).

Other wildlife and attractions to expect to explore on Kenya safari in Nairobi National Park include cheetahs, zebras, warthogs, baboons, jackals, over 400 bird species including Egyptian goose, common moorhen, blacksmith lapwing, secretary bird.

Other birds include black headed heron, Eurasian nightjars, white bellied bustard, Kori bustards, scaly francolin, Southern pochard, helmeted guinea fowl, ring necked dove, northern pintail, white browed coucal etc. While on Nairobi National Park safari, the other key attractions to visit include impala observation point, David and Daphne Sheldrick elephant orphanage, the ivory site monument.

Amboseli National Park

Set right in Kajiado South Constituency, Loitoktok District in Kenya lies Amboseli National Park. Amboseli is famous for its own unique reasons firstly as a home to huge giants and the breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park is a compact protected area of 392sq.kms making it one of the easiest parks to explore. Its landscape features stunning savanna grassland, shady trees, undulating terrains, swamps and its strategic location gets you the best view of the majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain.

From Nairobi city, Amboseli National Park Kenya is 260kms away. The 392sq.kms protected area is a home to huge herds of elephants and other wildlife, floral species, birds etc. Amboseli is one of Kenya’s oldest parks, created in 1974 and in 1991, it was declared as UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

The special wildlife species that make Amboseli National Park an amazing wildlife safari park in Kenya include cheetahs, buffaloes, lions, rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, jackals, leopards. Others include yellow and olive baboons, spotted hyenas, waterbucks, impalas, black face vervet monkeys etc.

Over 450 species of birds all live within the different habitats in Amboseli National Park and they include secretary birds, African skimmers, yellow bishops, grey crowned cranes, steel blue whydahs, superb starling, hamerkop etc. There are plenty of exciting experiences or activities to indulge in while on Kenya safaris in Amboseli N/Park and they include photography safaris, game drives, Masai cultural experience, bird watching and others.

Tsavo National Parks

The 2 safari parks of Tsavo feature as the large protected areas in Kenya, protecting a huge concentration of wildlife. They include Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks, separated by A109 road and railway.

Tsavo Conservation Area occupies more than 22000sq.ks of land area with 10,000sq.kms covered by Tsavo West and Tsavo East 12,000sq.kms. The 2 conservancy areas boast of their beautiful sceneries and landscape characterized by caves, springs, lava flow, rocks and others.

The 22000sq.kms protected area is a home to diversity of wildlife including all the big five game members- rhinos, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, lions. Additionally, it also hosts cheetahs, crocodiles, gerenuks, over 500 bird species etc.

Nakuru National Park

Nakuru National ParkLake Nakuru National Park is a magical Kenya National Park set in the Central part of the country, approximately 140kms North-west of Nairobi. Established in 1961 and sitting on 188sq.kms, Nakuru National Park is a true birder’s haven.

Nakuru National Park is one of Africa’s leading birding safari destinations, sheltering more than 450 bird species. These include black tailed godwit, lesser & greater flamingos, pelicans, arrow marked babblers, sooty falcons, ostriches, Abyssinian thrush, cormorants etc.

At Lake Nakuru National Park, tourists on Kenya safari have more than birds to sight. The park is also a stronghold to diverse wildlife such as rhinos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes, zebras, gazelles. This makes Nakuru National Park a remarkable game viewing destination.

Where to stay:

Nakuru National Park accommodation options to consider for overnight stay on Kenya safari include Mbweha Safari Camp, Osun Capital Hotel, JBB Hotel, Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, Sajim Hotel, Eagle View. Others include Lakira Camp, Allan Q Guest Home, Naishi Guesthouse, Lake Nakuru Lodge etc.

Mount Kenya National Park

Mt. Kenya National Park is amazingly one of the 5 best safari parks in Kenya. For all breathtaking hiking adventures, Mount Kenya National Park has you covered. Located in the North-eastern side of Nairobi 175kms, this pristine park is a home to unique natural features including glaciers, forested slopes, U-Shaped valleys etc.

Sitting on land area of 1420sq.kms, Mount Kenya National Park shelters a range of wildlife species. These include white tailed mongoose, black rhinos, rock hyrax, suni antelopes, leopards, elephants, bushbuck, black and white colobus monkeys, giant forest hogs, black fronted duikers.

Over 130 bird species are also inhabited within Mount Kenya National Park. They include African barbets, bearded vultures, red billed duck, yellow bellied waxbill, red cheeked cordon bleu, African emerald cuckoo, rosy throated long claw. Other birds include oriole finch, orange ground thrush, golden breasted bunting, brimstone canary, violet backed starling and more.

Other places to visit in Kenya

There are plenty of tourist sites/destinations worth visiting on Kenya including Mount Elgon National Park, Longonot National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Meru National Park, Aberdare National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Arabuko-Sokoke National Park, Marine National Parks.

When to visit Kenya

Kenya welcomes visitors at any time of the year, but the dry months from June, July, August, September to October/December to February is with no doubt the best time to travel for Kenya safaris. During the dry months, the ground is drier and it is easier to navigate through Kenya safari parks game tracks.